November 18, 2015

Mariner [USV]



The robust USV system.

The MARINER™ Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) - cost efficient and risk-reducing maritime data acquisition.

Unmanned Surface Vehicle systems is a risk eliminating and cost saving tool for maritime data acquisition in the surface zone. There are applications for USV systems in nearly any application where boats are being used today, but we are currently seeing the best potential within military/governmental applications as well as within geophysical exploration and environmental monitoring. With its long-range capabilities data acquisition can be conducted automatically in a 24/7 operational time-frame.



We focus on performance.

The MARINER™ Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is a multipurpose unmanned vehicle for offshore and coastal applications. It is made of polyethylene and offers a very stable, unsinkable and near maintenance-free construction. The vehicle will fit into a standard 20 feet container for easy cargo shipping.






We focus on quality.

We know the future is unmanned, and that effective and quality products improve our future


The USV operator monitors the MARINER™ and its installed payload from the Vehicle Control Station (VCS) which features electronic charts, engine and navigation info. The operator can monitor the surrounding sea areas and get collision avoidance aiding from AIS, radar and video information.


The MARINER™ is equipped with a large payload room of more than one cubic meter and can be equipped with a variety of surface and sub-surface sensors/payload types such as: EO/IR camera, radars, oceanographic instruments, hydroacoustic positioning systems, echo sounders (single and multibeam) and sonar systems etc. The sub-surface sensors can be mounted through a moon-pool in the mid area of the craft, and an elevator mechanism for sinking and lowering the sensor under the hull can also be installed.


The MARINER™ is typically delivered with an inboard diesel engine with waterjet propulsion. The standard diesel tank of 250 liter gives the Mariner an endurance of more than 50 hours in typical survey speed. Capable of open water operations (coastal and offshore) our Mariner USV offers a survey endurance of 2 days’ continuous operation and a speed range of up to more than 30 knots for rapid transit legs.


The MARINER™ USV is made of polyethelene and offers a very stable, unsinkable and near maintenance- free construction. Slightly below 6m overall length, it can still fit into a standard cargo-freight container, which makes the Mariner USV a relatively deployable system.


EO and IR-camera enables day & night real-time footage


The MARINER™ can be delivered on almost any hull that matches the user ́s mission profile, and by listening to the market we have chosen two standardized sizes for a integrated USV bathymetry system, in addition to the possibility of converting almost any boat to an Unmanned Surface Vehicle with our USV Conversion System.


Knowledge and data from our our oceans are crucial for a sustainable future. Unmanned Surface Vehicles can carry oceanographic sensors in ways that has usually been to expensive or risky.


Robots helping other robots is the next frontier, and we are starting to see that underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) operations can be made possible due to the very cost-efficient capability of having a USV as a communication relay and support platform on the sea-surface.


Lifting gear for launch and recovery of the system.