November 18, 2015

OceanNet [MBS]



The OceanNet lets several users on supporting vessels view the imagery and data captured from the elevated OceanEye® Sensor unit. The OceanNet has been tested and proven in operations in cooperation with NOFO – Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies. The OceanNet is offered as an add- on module to the OceanEye® and is designed for easy portability and set-up. The OceanNet can be delivered with both conventional rod antennas and directional antennas, based on the customers requirement for radio range of the OceanNet.

OCEANEYE® BALLOON: Helium-filled balloon carries the sensor unit for persistent aerial surveillance. With its stabilizing wing and tail section it has been found to be more robust and reliable compared to more conventional spherical or round balloons

VIEWER TERMINAL: Rugged Viewer terminals with touch based OverView software can be located on every vessel that requires realtime data from the OceanEye®.

SENSOR UNIT: Triple sensor unit (EO/IR/AIS). Real-time day & night video and imagery. Elevated AIS receiver for increased ship detection range.

NETWORK – RX: The OceanNet Receiver RX system consist of the radio receiver, antennas and the Viewer Terminal. The system is packed in a small portable ruggedized unit

NETWORK – TX: The OceanNet Base TX system consists of the network radio, antennas and a video server. The system is packed in an easy transportable unit.

BASE UNIT: The vessel with base-unit transmits the data/imagery from the OceanEye® to supporting vessels in the area by setting up an omni- diretional radio network.

View/Download: OceanNet (MBS) brochure