November 18, 2015

OceanEye® [MBS]




OceanEye® provides 24/7 maritime aerial surveillance from fixed locations such as harbour areas and camps or moving vehicles. More adaptable in inclement weather than fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, drones or satellite sensing systems. OceanEye® downsizes crew and vessel requirements drastically, decreasing response operation costs. 

Moored with a tether from the deployable BaseUnitmbs_baseunit_icon, a weather-proof, helium filled Balloonmbs_balloon_icon carries a triple SensorUnitmbs_sensor_icon capable of producing high resolution day and night (EO/IR) imagery and geo-location with the embedded AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver. Images and footage from the SensorUnitmbs_sensor_icon are transmitted wirelessly to the BaseUnitmbs_baseunit_icon. With customized OverView software, a touch-screen ViewerTerminalmbs_viewerTerminal_icon displays daylight and infrared information for reconnaissance and rapid response. The real-time view and maritime chart with AIS overlay provide accurate information, targeting and geographic loaction of moving vessels, land lines and fixed installations.

The OceanEye® 200 is an entirely self-contained package capable of days of continuous operation.

OceanEye® Components.

A docking station, winch control panel, helium-filling and storage unit. The compact system with base unit, balloon and sensor unit is suitable for air freight & small vehicle transport. Completely self-contained and rapidly deployable with footprint as standard ISO pallet.
Helium-filled OceanEye® balloon carries the airborne sensor unit for persistent aerial surveillance.
Triple sensor unit (EO/IR/AIS). Wireless, real-time day & night video and imagery. Elevated AIS receiver for increased ship detection range. The compact camera is attached to the balloon, which makes the high quality footage from the OceanEye® Sensor unit stabile. The product is built out of solid and robust material that can handle harsh weather.
Rugged Viewer terminal with touch based OverView software. Controls the OceanEye® Sensor unit and displays sensor data and position of video-view cross-hair.

We focus on features.

Tailor-made features for our customers needs

AIS receiver
AIS receiver data visualized in the OverView chart module.
Infrared (IR) camera
IR-camera enables day & night real-time footage
Daylight (EO) camera
OceanEye® sees beyond the human eye!