Product launch! OceanEye® 100 is here

Date 13/05/16


An even more compact version of the OceanEye® is now available. The OceanEye® 100 may be the model for users that want a more compact system with reduced set of features compared to the original OceanEye® system, that has now been given the model name OceanEye® 200.

The most notable difference between OceanEye® 100 and 200 is the BaseUnit, but also the other main components have differences in the standard model set-up. Have a look at the model feature chart below to explore the differences.

The OceanEye® system provides 24/7 persistent aerial surveillance, and is a ready-to-go aerial surveillance capability within established civil-aviation regulations. More adaptable in inclement weather than fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, drones or satellite sensing systems, OceanEye® downsizes crew and vessel requirements, drastically decreasing response operation costs. Stationary or moored to a vessel, a weather-proof, helium-filled balloon carries a sensor unit capable of producing high resolution imagery. 

The balloon’s sensor unit wirelessly transmits data from air to the ground. With customized OverView software, the hand-held touch-screen terminal displays imagery for rapid response and reconnaissance.

The OceanEye® is a totally self-contained package including every component for days of continuous operation.

View the OceanEye® 100 and 200 comparison chart here.