Our new partner, CIRFA

Date 04/12/15

We made new partner with CIRFA

CIRFA is a centre for research-based innovation (CRI (SFI in Norwegian)), which was granted funding from the Research Council of Norway in November 2014.

The Centre shall do research on methods and technologies that can reliably detect, monitor, integrate and interpret multi-sensor data describing the physical environment of the Arctic, and efficiently assimilate this information into models to perform predictions of sea ice state, meteorological and oceanographic conditions, on both short and long timescales.

CIRFA shall do research which founds basis for new technical solutions to real challenges in the High North. These shall be developed in close collaboration with the user industry, and the national and international research community. Research results shall have obvious spin-off effects on local and national industry, and foster new forecast services and products of benefit to the whole community.

CIRFA – Centre for Integrated Remote Sensing and Forecasting for Arctic Operations