Mission “Ready ship”

Date 01/02/15

KNM Nansen could test their drills for nærforsvar heading into the Trondheim Fjord. Battle Group Waxwing from HV-12 surprised with an attack to train its excellent sea-colleagues in the military.

With a speedboat, a larger multipurpose vessel and a remote-controlled drone went task force to attack, with a number of “Selection funds” as light rockets and other training purposes pyrotechnics. The command “Ready ship” on naval vessels is an order to make the ship ready for combat.

– It’s a nice day at the office when we can help the Navy to hone their drills, said Capt Erte Stein from Waxwing, which has extra good knowledge of the frigate’s capabilities, since he has served in the operating room at precisely KNM Nansen before joining the Home Guard task force .


Waxwing solves usually assigned tasks in the maritime area off mid-Norway, primarily in internal waters. A key part of the job is to cooperate with both sea and land forces. – 

The captain continues: – Efforts force is well acquainted with what is perceived as normal situation in their own command area, and therefore can quickly capture abnormal activity. But just today was our task to challenge one of our frigates.


There are a total of 15 task forces in the National Guard. Eleven countries strengthens and four with maritime expertise. By crisis or war are those among the first to be put into operation to tackle a threat to our society.

Waxwing also tasks in peacetime, as “harsh” strengthen the protection of foreign military vessels visiting Norwegian ports as well as search and rescue and other support to the police. Last year task force participated in three search and rescue operations in its region in central Norway.

– This is good training for us up against more military missions that the main task our. It is nevertheless encouraging to support the community when it needs us, says captain Erte Stein concludes.

En fjernstyrt drone fra Maritime Robotics var også satt inn i «angrepet» mot fregatten.

A remote-controlled drone from Maritime Robotics was also put into the ” attack ” against the frigate.


Read the Norwegian article at: forsvaret.no