September 5, 2016

Wave Glider® [USV]


The Wave Glider® is the industry’s most proven, long-duration unmanned surface vehicle designed and manufactured by Liquid Robotics. The Wave Glider revolutionizes how we explore and understand the world’s oceans by gathering data in ways or locations previously too costly or challenging to operate. Powered by wave and solar energy, the Wave Glider is an autonomous, unmanned surface vehicle (USV) that operates individually or in fleets delivering real-time data for up to a year with no fuel. 

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o    24x7 Long-Duration Operations: Station keeping or mobile data collection for up to 12 months with no fuel, emission, or crew

o    Open & Extensible Platform: Add new sensors and software capabilities. Integrate and operate with other systems

o    Real-Time Communications Linking Sea Floor to Space: Provides immediate situational awareness and accelerated decision making

o    Proven at Sea: Over 1 million nautical miles traveled to date with operations through doldrums and hurricanes/typhoons