July 8, 2016

USV Conversion System

Some users want the option of using their survey boat in an unmanned mode, while still having the option of manned use. Other users see a potential in using Unmanned Surface Vehicles, but are not yet ready to take the cost of investing in a custom USV platform. For those users the Maritime Robotics USV Conversion System offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of the possibilities for unmanned surface operations. The USV Conversion System includes the same Vehicle Control Station, Communication and On-Board-Systems as the more integrated Mariner USV system, but can also be highly customized for your special need and requirements. For bathymetric survey we often see that many users have invested in customized smaller manned survey boats. These users can now transform their boat into unmanned operations and thus achieving the HSE and cost-saving features of unmanned operation.




The predecessor of the current Mariner USV was originally buillt around a converted PolarCirkel 560 with outboard engine.



Maritime Robotics has also converted conventional leisure crafts, such as this Viknes 830

Military patrol boats


We have also converted military patrol-boats to unmanned operations.